Latest Sermon

Latest Sermon

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Who is this Jesus? What is it about Him that is worth devoting my life to? Is He really the answer I've been waiting for?
C3 Bowral invites you to take part in our weekly Sunday service. All are welcome.
Find a group at a time and place that suits you, for study, fellowship, fun and growth

Welcome to C3 Church Bowral.

We have been described as vibrant, loving and warm. We are the Church, made up of all sorts of people from a large variety of backgrounds.

We are not perfect, yet Jesus loves us! He is our example, it doesn't matter where you are from, or what you have done, Jesus loves you as well.
You are always welcome to come along to C3 Bowral and experience God's presence, 10.30am Sunday mornings.

We are a great place to be on Sundays! During the week we have several home groups on where you can make friends, discuss the Bible and learn about Jesus.